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Who will speak at your wedding?

If you are one of the lucky ones chosen to speak at a wedding, this is your moment to share your love for the couple and wish them the best on their adventure together. Some of you might be natural writers and speakers, while others might not be. Don’t feel intimidated- enjoy the treasure hunt for the perfect “shares” to include in your speech. Read on to get a few starting ideas and tips for your speech-writing. Make your toast a memory most guests will remember for years to come, in the best kind of way!

The Funny

Depending on how the crowd is like, this could be a potential gold mine! If either of the newlyweds share comical moments with you- think through which stories would split sides and lift spirits even higher. We would like to caution you not to share any stories that may have a negative effect on the happy couple (or anyone in the room). If you’re a sibling or best friend or fun aunt- your arsenal is potentially full of rolling-on-the-floor themed blasts from the past.

Memory Lane

To those whose story-telling takes on a chronological style, use it! Take the guests and newlyweds down memory lane and remind them of how life brought these two together. A common reaction to this type of speech is an emotional one, especially from the family that is closest to the story. If you find yourself sharing too many “deep” stories, bring in some light moments and crack a joke or two. The trap with this type of speech is that it ends up being a biography. Avoid it being dry or too much about you!

To the Lovebirds!

Time for a toast to the happy couple! If your heart can’t contain all the well wishes you feel for them, this is your perfect chance to share them. With a little structure, your most heartfelt thoughts can make up the sweetest speech among those spoken that night. If you’re having a tough time thinking of the right beginning, consider starting off by quoting one of the greats.

Lady and Gent

Key Tips:

  • Start by writing what you know.
  • Brainstorming and rewriting are a part of the process.
  • Pull from the memories that can stand the test of time (keep them funny, embarrassing isn’t fun).
  • Think through your ideas and don’t be afraid to edit, edit and re-edit.
  • Let a friend read your speech and see if their reactions and your expectations match.
  • Some of the best speeches are light & personal but not necessarily long in length. Keep it simple!

Speech-writing can be intimidating, especially when it’s meant to inspire and celebrate two people you love. We hope that reading this gave you a little head start to take on the challenge. In any case, the greatest part about being included in the “toasts” portion of the wedding is just that- they chose you because they love you! They will be so happy to hear what you want to share on their big day.

Wedding Couples

Listen up brides and grooms! You can play a HUGE part in making sure the speeches at your wedding go off without a hitch. Choose who you ask to speak very carefully and give them some basic perimeters…especially an ideal length of time (ish). Family and friends will appreciate some guidance and structure and often be relieved that they can keep it short and sweet. Also, don’t forget to take a moment to speak yourselves! Your guests will cherish hearing a few words from you and it’s a great opportunity to do some shout outs and thank yous.

A Way With Words: Professional Officiants

Professional officiants and celebrants are so good with words and expressing a couple’s love story. That’s why we always recommend that couples hire them! Every word, whether it’s the ceremony itself or toasts later in the evening, should be thought through and come from the heart. A few of our local favorites include A Beautiful Ceremony Northwest and Penny Carter Celebrant.

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