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Stay Present On Your Wedding Day

If you’re planning your wedding, chances are that you’ll probably hear something along the lines of: “The day will go by so fast, so make sure you enjoy it.” That advice may seem silly – after all, you’re spending most of your time and energy thinking about and planning your wedding, so how could you not enjoy every minute of the day when it comes? As wedding industry professionals, we hear from many couples after the fact that the big day does indeed seem to go at lightning speed. So here are some tips on how to stay present during your wedding day so you can experience it to the fullest!


Plan & Delegate

You’ll be much more likely to focus on your wedding day if it’s been planned well and you’ve delegated important tasks to trusted people. This is where a professional wedding planner, like Your Perfect Bridesmaid, comes in. Hire someone with experience and local vendor connections and let them run the show. With a solid plan that everyone’s on board with, your wedding day should pretty much take care of itself – that leaves time and space for you to experience it fully and presently!


Wear comfortable clothes

Of course you want to look stunning, but choose your wedding clothes wisely – make sure whatever you’re wearing is breathable, isn’t too tight, and isn’t too loose so you’re constantly re-adjusting. Otherwise, you’ll be focused on how uncomfortable you are rather than your wedding. 


Stay fed & hydrated

You may be surprised at how quickly the day goes that you might forget to eat something! Make sure this doesn’t happen by starting the day with a healthy breakfast, making sure someone in your party has packed snacks and water, and planning what you’ll do for lunch – many couples have lunch delivered while they’re getting ready. And make sure you actually get a chance to eat and savor your dinner! There will be plenty of time to greet your guests during the festivities – don’t skip out on dinner because you’re worried about that. If you’re hungry, you’ll be less present for them. 


Find moments with your partner

If you can’t find a way to be present during any other moments on your wedding day, at least be present with your partner. If you can, steal away for a few minutes during the reception and just watch your party. Look into their eyes, witness their smile, give them a little kiss, and tell them how happy you are to be marrying them.  



If it’s your style, take a few moments during your wedding day to practice some basic mindfulness techniques. During the ceremony and reception, pause for just a bit, take some deep breaths, and focus on your senses – what can you see and hear? What does the room smell like? What does the temperature feel like? One quick scan can make you aware of so much, and you’ll be more likely to remember it afterwards. 



The best way to stay present is to enjoy your day – dance at your reception! Listen to the music, move your body, laugh with your new spouse, friends and family, and just truly be in the moment. 

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer. 

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