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Stay Cool Tips for Summer Weddings

The weather in Portland is gorgeous in the summer time and there is something special about an outdoor wedding. Next summer will be full of mother nature inspired nuptials! There may be no shortage of sunshine the day you get married, but it is possible to get 80, 90, and even 100 degree temperatures. So here are a few tips to keep you and your guests cool and comfortable!

Cold Non-Alcoholic Beverages

If you are a planning a summer outdoor wedding, you should consider having cold beverages available for your guests before and during the ceremony. There will be plenty of time for booze later. At this point in the game, you just want them to stay cool and hydrated. Lemonade, cucumber infused water, raspberry ice tea, or other refreshing  non-alcoholic choices will be welcomed and appreciated by your friends and family. Work with a local craft cocktail catering company like Mint and Mirth or Public Provisions to ensure unique and Portland inspired beverage ideas.

Indoor options & tent rentals

We ask about rain plans, don’t we? Well, why not ask about the blazing hot heat stroke plan? Some venues will have an indoor air conditioned space that can be used for the ceremony if indeed the heat outside is unbearable on your day. Also, see what your options are for tenting your ceremony or reception site. You can plan on the outdoor set up you envision, but it will be nice to have these options available if you have to make a last minute heat-driven decision. Your venue will have a company they love working with for tent rentals. A few of our favorites are The Party Place, The Party Pros, and Bridgewood Events.

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Hair and make up decisions

It’s a long day and you need to look your best! No melting please. Make sure you hire a professional local hair and make up team who know beauty AND know the potential heat challenges that Portland summer weddings can bring. They are the experts who know all the tricks including avoiding liquid based make up. Chat with them about powder based make up or even air brush options that will last all day despite the heat. And consider putting your hair up! There are so many gorgeous up-dos and you will be so thankful to have your locks off your neck and off your mind so you can enjoy the moment! Check out our list of top local hair and make up artists.

Parasols or Program Fans

You picked this spot for the outdoor ambiance and view! You don’t want to move things inside or deal with a tent, but you want to keep your guests comfortable. Providing parasols for guests at your outdoor ceremony location is a great idea. Not only will they protect them from the direct sun but they can be classy and stylish too. Or consider putting paper fans on each chair with the program. You can even order custom fans that actual double as your program! This is a simple way for people to discreetly keep themselves cool during your big moment.

Summer Outdoor Wedding Must haves

You will need to have some general supplies on hand for you and your bridal party to survive your summer outdoor wedding. The most important being sunglasses, sun screen, bottled water, deodorant, and even body wipes. It’s a good idea to stock the restrooms with these items for your guests as well!

Cool treats at cocktail hour

Now for the best part! Your guests will go bonkers (with delight) when you offer them some sweet cool treats at cocktail hour. Consider a snow cone machine, an ice cream cart like The Mobile Scoop Shop, or…boozy popsicles from Sloshy Pops here in Portland. Might we suggest the Strawberry Mint Julip as seen is the feature photo (Oregon Strawberries, Lemon, Mint, & Bourbon)? Yes, please. With this kind of delicious fun we can all certainly withstand the heat!

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