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The details are all about you

As a couple, you may share many things that most people in your lives don’t even know about…but in fact, they make you who you are together. On your wedding day, we believe, every bit of your quirkiness, personalities and/or shared enjoyments should fill the space, if you so choose.

Planning elements

Let’s say you have a love of vintage cars. How perfect to enjoy a classic ride into your reception. Or maybe your first date was a hike up to Angel’s Rest. Ever since then, you’ve adventured to some epic places. Any aspect of your life together can be highlighted in the planning of your event. If you’re struggling to come up with ideas for something like this or just need a little extra help with the design or execution, please reach out to one of our trusted local planners. A few we’d love to recommend are CK Events, MH Events and Your Perfect Bridesmaid. The best way to make things happen is to share the idea with someone else.

Floral accents

As you prepare your floral plans, keep in mind that this is a lovely way to add special touches to your event. Some couples have distinct memories, associations or experiences that are linked to certain flowers. If they are potentially in season during your event, why not try to feature them in the centerpieces or at the ceremony site or even in the bouquets/boutonnières. Among our many favorite florists in the Portland area- we’d recommend reaching out to Bella Bloom Florals and Bramble Floral Design. Accents and decorations can also be added among the flowers.

A wedding is all about celebrating the love you share and the people you are together. We hope that you find many fun ways to bring more of yourselves out to share with your guests.

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Ema Hadziselimovic, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.