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The Portland Guide to Eco-Friendly Diamond Jewelry

Expert Post written by MiaDonna 

Choosing the perfect ethical engagement ring is something no bride or groom-to-be should ever stress about. If you find yourself stuck in a rut trying to decide which engagement ring to buy, worry not! We’re here with an easy break down of what makes a ring conflict-free. Not only do we promise your ring will be ethical, be it will certainly reflect your own unique style and be easier on the wallet compared to traditional engagement jewelry. Here are four easy ways to choose an eco-friendly engagement ring.

eco-friendly diamond

Lab Grown Diamonds, Photo Courtesy of MiaDonna

Lab-Grown Diamonds

Despite countless false rumors, lab-grown diamonds are real diamonds! By replicating a natural growing process in a controlled laboratory environment, pure carbon diamonds are created that are visually, optically, and physically identical to earth-mined diamond equivalents. This is the ideal choice for those who want to know the origin of their diamonds, plus they come free of any human or environmental abuses. Oh, did we forget to mention they are available in grades superior to natural diamonds and cost a fraction of the price – up to 40% less to be exact!

Lab-Created Gemstones

Need a little color in your life? Lab-created gemstones come in a wide variety of shapes and hues. Similar to lab-grown diamonds, these gems are identical in every way to natural gems. This is the best and most ethical way to get the rubies, sapphires, emeralds, and alexandrites that won’t do any harm to planet. Plus, they are of better quality and color compared to those found in nature.

eco-friendly diamond jewelry

Stark Engagement Ring, Photo Courtesy of MiaDonna

Diamond Simulants

Are you a savvy shopper? Always searching for good deals with impeccable quality? Then a diamond simulant is the best option for you. They mimic the look of a diamond, cost a fraction of the price and can be upgraded to lab-grown diamonds when your time and budget allows. These imitation diamonds have the optical characteristics of diamonds but entirely different chemical makeups. The most common diamond simulants are cubic zirconia, moissanite, and the Diamond Hybrid.

Heirloom Diamonds

Choosing a lab-grown diamond sounds great however, to some it may not be the right choice. Recycled diamonds, or heirloom diamonds, have been previously owned but are just as beautiful as when they were first purchased. By choosing a pre-owned diamond, you’re reducing the need to mine for more diamonds while simultaneously extending the life of another. Plus, you have the opportunity to pass it down for generations to follow.

recycled metal wedding bands

Comfort Fit Wedding Bands, Photo Courtesy of MiaDonna

Recycled Metals

Deciding what kind of metal type you want is just as important as choosing your center stone, but have you ever asked where that metal was sourced? Eco-friendly recycled metals like white, yellow, and rose gold, platinum and palladium have been melted down to be reused. This kind of recycling is sourced specifically from metals that be specifically reused to make fine jewelry.

MiaDonna is here in Portland!

MiaDonna, located in our hometown of Portland, offers and promises all of this! Aren’t we so fortunate to have this at our fingertips and as local neighbors? MiaDonna was founded with a single objective: to offer consumers a beautiful, ethical and affordable diamond alternative. The objective is to make an impact that would help innocent children oppressed by the active conflict diamond mining industry. With this mission, MiaDonna has pledged to use recycled metals in their jewelry, use lab grown diamonds or gemstones in all of their products or, find ways to give new life to diamonds to reduce the amount of Earth-mined diamonds on the market.

Clearly MiaDonna has a mission we can all get behind and we can’t thank them enough for sharing all of this amazing information with us! You can shop MiaDonna online or visit their Portland Showroom near Washington Square Mall located at:


10250 SW Greenburg Rd,
Suite 212
Portland, OR 97223

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