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Let’s talk about First Looks

When it comes to wedding photography, couples must decide on whether to do a First Look. A First Look is a private moment for the couple before the ceremony, in which their photographer captures their genuine reactions to seeing each other for the first time. Naturally, these make for some extremely precious photos! Traditionally, the couple did not see each other on the wedding day until the bride walked down the aisle. Nowadays, things are different, and First Looks are remarkably popular!

If you’re debating on whether to do a First Look or to stick with tradition, here are some things to keep in mind, courtesy of 3 of our wonderful photography vendors!


Because it takes place before your ceremony, doing a First Look opens up the schedule of your wedding day. If you choose to forgo the First Look and take all the photos after the ceremony, it can take over an hour depending on how large your families are. That is time during your reception that could be spent relaxing, eating, and celebrating with your loved ones. Deyla Huss of Deyla Huss Photography says, “First Looks streamline the day more when it comes to the logistics. When you do a First Look, you are also doing wedding party and family portraits before the ceremony. This means you don’t need to bunch up everything in a short amount of time during your cocktail hour and miss out on that. You just get to be married and enjoy your guests and your wedding!

Deyla Huss Photography


Because they usually get taken right after you’re all done up, another advantage of doing First Look photos is that you will appear amazing! Jake Tenney of Sweetlife Photography says, “Who doesn’t want to be photographed when they look their best? A First Look happens just minutes after you finish getting ready. Your makeup and hair are perfect, your dress is nicely steamed, your bouquet is fresh and lush. Without doing a First Look, there are hours between getting ready and when we’re finally able to do your bride and groom portraits. We find that most of our clients prefer to prioritize looking fresh in their photos than observing tradition.”


A First Look can provide a time and space for you to spend a few extra moments together that can make your wedding day feel more intimate and special. Amanda Shama of Ambient Sky Wedding Films & Photography says, “First Looks allow couples to really connect on their wedding day before all the busyness. Once the guests arrive and the main events begin, couples are so busy they hardly have any quality time to let the significance of the day soak in together. Additionally, many couples are a bit nervous or anxious about the day and this time together helps to calm any nerves and gives them time to simply soak in their day together before the big celebration.”

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.