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Make it a fun reception!

When we ask couples what they are looking forward to, most say “the party.”  While everyone loves a romantic and meaningful wedding ceremony, most guests are really looking forward to a fun and memorable wedding reception! To help craft a dynamite wedding party, we have come up with a few tips that might not have been on your list!

Thoughtful Seating Arrangements

Most couples dread the idea of assigning tables, but trust me, it is a worth while investment of your time. Taking the time to ensure that everyone is accounted for, and surrounded by people they know and/or would really enjoy spending the evening with, with guarantee that folks feel relaxed, comfortable, and ready to let loose and party! Your wedding planner can help you map this out to perfection!

Short and Sweet Toasts

Toasts can be one of the most memorable parts of your wedding reception, and depending on how you prepare for it, those can be good or bad memories. We recommend keeping the list of folks speaking to 4-6, and plan on allocating them about 3 minutes each. While your guests want to hear the sweet details of how you met, and how you support and compliment each other, they don’t want to hear a drunk family member ramble on forever.

Interactive Dinner Service

One of the best ways to get your guests mingling and having a fun time is to have an interactive dinner service. That could be family style, food stations, chef action stations or even a cocktail party vibe. Anything that ups the conversation and socialization is a win.

Music Everyone Can Dance To

This tip is where a great DJ comes in. A great DJ knows the songs that will get everyone up on the dance floor. You want to start the night with classics that everyone can comfortably dance to.  If you are looking for a DJ who will get the party started, and keep it going check out Event Team Entertainment and our list of other local professionals we know, love, and trust here!

Lady and Gent Photography

Unique Desserts

We feel like desserts are the secret weapon. Everyone loves a treat and we are so lucky to live in the culinary mecca that we do. While wedding cake is classic, guests love it when couples mix it up and have a fun, creative dessert. A few ideas to check out include:

Late Night Surprise

To end the night with a bang, consider throwing in a little surprise at the end. A few of our favorite ideas are:

  • A late night snack food truck
  • Fireworks
  • A scotch and cigar bar

While we know these tips will help plan a memorable wedding reception, we have saved the best tip for last. The best way for guests to have fun, is to have fun yourself. Ensure you have comfortable dancing clothes and comfy shoes. Also, be sure to hire a wedding planner to handle details so you can relax, cut loose, and have a ball. Guests will take their cue from you. If you have a “dance like no-one is watching” approach to your wedding reception, your guests will too, and then you will have a wedding reception to remember!

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