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Tips for a Food Truck (and Booze Truck) Wedding

Portland is known for its vibrant food truck scene of multiple international cuisines, and food trucks at local weddings is a gradually growing trend. Known to be a bit less expensive than traditional catering, the idea of food trucks is popular among couples who are planning more casual weddings. It’s not everyone’s style, but if you’re thinking of having a food truck at your wedding, here are some things to consider! Some of our local favorites include Koi Fusion, Tamale Boy, and Tight Taco

More Than Dinner Food trucks are not just for dinner – there are plenty of trucks in town that are specifically for dessert or drinks! In fact, you can do a traditional catering menu for dinner, and still have a food truck for a side option or late night snack. Some trucks and mobile services we love:

Pips Mobile Truck

Image courtesy of Pip’s Mobile Doughnuts & Chai

Logistics of Placement Check with your venue about logistics around the food truck. Make sure that there is a place for the truck to park, whether it will require a parking permit and how to secure one, and what the electronic setup looks like if it requires any plug-ins.

Logistics of Line-Up  Work with your wedding planner or coordinator to determine the best placement of the food truck at your venue, and how the line will flow. For larger crowds especially, it may be easier to have the food pre-assembled, and then guests just grab it instead of having to order at the window and cause a longer wait. Or you may even want to hire wait staff to pass the food to your guests for a more formal vibe.

Standing-Friendly Food  To keep your guests most comfortable, try and choose trucks that make food that’s standing-friendly and easy to transport, such as pizza or ice cream – your guests will want to mingle and not have to worry about spilling!

Make Sure There’s Enough! Food trucks don’t have an unlimited supply of their product, and many of them only contract for around 2 hours, so make sure that there will be enough food for your guest count. If your attendance is higher than 150, you may want to hire more than one truck if possible.

Featured image courtesy of Booze Trucks

This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.