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Tips for being a great vendor partner

In this industry, we should all be looking to build lasting relationships with other Portland vendors. Vendor referrals are free marketing and it is worth every ounce of effort you put into the relationship. We wanted to give you 3 great ways you can up-level the experience other vendors have with you.

Be supportive

Show support to other vendors! Go to their open houses, visit their cocktail hours, join in on a styled shoot. It is so important to let other vendors see you in action and get some face to face interaction. If you make a lasting impression on a vendor you are going to be top of mind the next time one of their clients asks for a referral. But to get these referrals you have to show up and you have to show true support. A social media shout out is always icing on the cake!

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We cannot stress this one enough. You have to respond. You cannot let vendor e-mails go unanswered for weeks and weeks. That sets the tone for how they think you will handle clients they send your way. It is not a good look and in turn, it is not a good reflection on them. We appreciate it so much when a vendor response to us by the end of the day, even if it is an e-mail saying that they are swamped and will get back to us shortly. It is so kind to at the very least acknowledge that you have received the e-mail and that we are important.

Treat our clients well

This should go without saying but you know, I think it needs to be said. When we are referring our clients to you please Rock. It. Out. We are most likely singing your praise like crazy and that is why they reached out. Don’t let us down.

We all get so busy trying to book those clients and work the events that sometimes we can forget the importance of the community we are in. Us vendors are the ones that make it all happen, not only for our clients but for each other. It is so important to show each other appreciation and respect in and outside of wedding season. Cheers to another awesome season and so many new relationships!!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Kayla McCaul, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer. She owns CK Events and Locally Sourced NW