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To-Do List for Newly Engaged Couples

You just got engaged – congratulations!!! You’ve told everybody important to you…and now what? You might be overwhelmed with the idea of all the upcoming wedding planning tasks and wondering where to start. We’re here to give you a little breather – you don’t need to dive into every little detail just yet! But there are some important things you’ll need to take care of as soon as possible. Here is a to-do list for newly engaged couples. 

Lindsay Blair Photography

1.    Insure your engagement ring. The jeweler where it was purchased will have recommendations for insurers. Now is also the time to resize the ring if needed.  

2.    Schedule your engagement photos. Check out our top picks for local wedding photographers

3.    Decide on a budget. Whether you and your fiancé are paying for it yourselves, or your family will be helping out, set a budget as soon as possible – all wedding planning decisions will result from it. 

4.    Draft up a guest list. No need to finalize anything just yet, but do put together a list of people you want to invite to help you decide if your budget needs to be adjusted. Knowing a rough guest count will also help you choose a venue. 

5.    Choose a date range. Decide a time frame of when you would like to get married, and then check with potential venues to see if they have availability during those dates.

6.    Get inspiration. You’ll need to decide what colors, style, design, and ambience you want for your wedding. Look on Instagram, Pinterest, attend The Portland Venue Crawl event, and browse some potential local vendors!

7.    Choose your wedding party. The earlier you ask your friends to be in your wedding, the better! That way they can plan their schedules and budgets. 

8.    Enjoy the moment! Yep – just because you’re newly engaged doesn’t mean everything suddenly has to be about the wedding. Take this time to be present with your love, go on a special date, and do the things you normally do that made you fall in love and get engaged in the first place! Check back here when you’re ready to dive into the wedding planning process!

9.    Hire a wedding planner. Yes, we highly recommend this. Even if you are super detail oriented and have helped planned other events…you don’t want to be doing this for your own wedding! And you can’t trust this important role to a family member. Not only do they want to be present as a guest and enjoy your day with you…they simply do not have the experience necessary to pull this off without a hitch! Invest in a professional wedding planner who can handle all the elements of facilitating your vision and relax and have a stress free day! Take a look at our recommended local wedding planners

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.