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Top 10 Wedding Hacks

Weddings, and wedding planning, can get complex – a ton of things to consider and organize, and many different ways to go about it based on each individual wedding. We highly recommend you hire a wedding planner! Their experience and knowledge will make your wedding experience stress free and enjoyable. In addition, here are some easy and clever universal tips and tricks that we’ve rounded up for you! Here’s our list of Top 10 Wedding Hacks.

1. Open a new email account to use specifically for wedding planning. That way, when communicating with vendors, your personal email won’t be bombarded with a ton of messages about your wedding. Keep it separate and enjoy some peace of mind!

2. Email your save-the-dates. Do still plan on mailing the actual invitations, but using email for the save-the-dates will save you time and money, and get the point across just as effectively.

3. Use a glue stick to seal envelopes. When sending multiple invitations and thank-you notes, don’t lick the envelope – hello aftertaste and a sore mouth! Use a sealer instead.

4. Have your bridal party rent their clothing. Your bridesmaids will love you for allowing them to rent their dresses instead of buy them!

5. Break in your wedding shoes. The last thing you want is blisters at the end of your wedding. Break in your shoes to avoid this. This will also scuff up the bottoms of your shoes a bit, making them less slippery so you can dance the night away!

Photo credit: Jessica Hill Photography

6. Make a list of day-of contacts. Create list of people to contact the day-of for certain things related to the wedding – that way, people don’t bug you and you can focus on your special day!

7. Keep an emergency stash at your head table. Designate someone to keep a bag of useful items (lipstick, perfume, wipes, safety pins) at your table during the reception so you’ll have it on hand and won’t have to run back to your getting-ready area.

8. Get two cakes. To save a little money, get one small, tiered, decorated cake for the cutting and display, and also purchase a sheet cake to serve for your guests – it can be pre-cut! Check out our cake vendors here.

9. Have one sign instead of multiple programs.Rather than printing out multiple programs that will probably get recycled (and could fly away in an outdoor space), cut down on waste by placing one sign near the ceremony with all the info on it. Check out our wedding signage vendors here.

10. Hide a tissue in your bouquet.For those moments at the ceremony, first look, or reception when you get a little misty-eyed, having a tissue hidden in your bouquet will help you in a pinch!

Featured image used on this post by Jessica Hill Photography

Venue pictured is Coopers Hall.

This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.