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Top 15 Wedding Tasks: 2 Weeks Out

So much of wedding planning has to be completed well in advance, so when the wedding is just 2 weeks away, some couples find themselves wondering what to do while waiting for the big day. Here are the most important tasks to get done in the 2 weeks before your wedding:

Test out your whole look– not just the dress, but also the shoes, veil, accessories, and jewelry. Make sure you love it, and have time to adjust anything if not! Now is the time to break in your shoes, too.

Get your ring cleanedat the jeweler’s so it’s fresh and sparkly for the big day.

Get a manicure.

Have a final meeting with your venue coordinator and/or wedding coordinator – this is the time to go over all the last-minute details!

Deliver the final head count – typically, the venue and caterer will need to know this by the Monday of the week of your wedding. Call your guests who haven’t yet RSVP’d and find out if they are planning on coming, so you have the right number! Finalizing the head count also allows you to finalize the seating chart if you’re having one.

Deena Selbak Photography

Make final payments – you’ll have to make remaining payments to the venue and all your vendors (including gratuity) by the wedding, so make sure your bank account and credit cards are in order.

Check the weather – if it’s looking like rain, think about a tent rental. If it’ll be scorching, consider providing iced water for your guests. Last minute weather changes may call for some extra planning.

Practice your vows!

Give your final song list to the DJ.

Give your final shot list to the photographer.

Drop off items at the venue – if the venue is ok with it and has space, drop off some items to store there before the wedding, like signage, favors, place cards, etc. That way, you’ll have less lo lug there the morning of the wedding.

Pack your wedding day bag and emergency kit.

Make sure your marriage license is ready!

Check in with your bridal party – make sure they know all the details of what they need to do, and thank them while you’re at it!

Take care of yourself – get plenty of sleep, drink lots of water, and stay relaxed!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.