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Top Places To Cut Costs On Your Wedding Day

want to cut some cost when planning your wedding? Here is how!

Something we get asked a lot in is, “where can we cut cost”? Our clients want to ensure an incredible experience for their guests but they also want to be mindful of where their wedding budget goes. We love helping our clients spend their wedding budget where it will make the most impact and cutting out the things that can sometimes be wasteful and unnecessary. Here is a list of the top 5 things to cut from your wedding day to make a big impact on the budget!

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Wedding favors

Favors, oh man favors can be such a big waste. Not only of money but just a waste of time, and resources. I can not count how many times we have sent boxes, yes boxes of favors back home with our clients. So many times your guests are traveling, so packing something to take home is can be an inconvenience. The only times we really see most of the favors get taken are when they are something to eat or drink. People love a treat to take with them to enjoy on their way home or to the next bar! So if you think your loved ones want a personalized mug or a succulent…. think again.

Massive Guest Count

Inviting every person you and your fiance have ever met is a great way to really blow up the budget! If you are on a limited budget we think it is super important to look hard at your guest list. It is a great time to evaluate if you are inviting all of these people because they are truly important in your lives or if the invites are going out because of other reasons. Sometimes we become so afraid of hurting anyways feelings that we forget to consider our own feelings. We have found that people are really embracing the more intimate wedding and the people in your life will be respectful of that, especially when it comes to cutting cost.

Large Bridal Party

Along with a smaller guest count, having a smaller bridal party can also cut cost. You will be spending less on floral. Bouquets and boutonnieres can add up quickly. If you are planning on paying for hair & makeup or dresses for your bridesmaids you may rethink think having 8 of them! Not to mention the gifts for your bridal party! If you have a large group of friends consider giving some of the different roles on the day. Have a small bridal party and then some friends that could participate in toasts or readings/songs during the ceremony.

Printed Wedding Programs

Besides favors, programs are the other thing we end up throwing away at the end of the night. Stacks and stacks of paper just wasted. It is such a bummer and it is expensive! We love the idea of filling your guests in on what is to come but this can be done with a beautifully written sign at the front of the aisle.

“Champagne” Toasts

Cheers! We all love to toast the couple but we do not need to do it with a half glass of warm cava/prosecco. Let’s be real, we are not ever being served actual champagne at a wedding so why do we feel the need to pay for a glass of bubbles for everyone? A toast is still a toast with whatever you have in your glass. We love when clients welcome their guests to toast with what is at hand, that means they have something they enjoy and it is typically cold and delicious! You can always offer some bubbly at the bar too. But do not feel obligated to make sure every guest gets a glass of it.

Finding places to spend the budget where it is the most impactful is a top priority for our team. We hope that you found this information helpful and that it inspires you to take a deep dive into your budget choices! 

This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Kayla McCaul, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer. She owns CK Events and Locally Sourced NW

All images in this post by Katy Weaver Photography