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Bridal Bliss: Venue Coordinator vs. Wedding Planner

“If my venue has a coordinator – do I need to hire a wedding planner?” We frequently receive this question from engaged couples and think it is beneficial to understand the difference. So we are going to dive more into the difference between these two very important roles when it comes to planning a wedding and let you decide for yourself!

Venue coordinators are employed by a venue to plan your event on behalf of the venue. They take care of quite a few details surrounding the space such as making sure that it is well kept, tables chairs, etc. are set according to your event layouts and serving as the contact for everything food and beverage-related. When it comes to the wedding day the venue coordinator will be there to maintain the venue facility, turn on the lights, prep the venue staff, and oversee any food service. Typically once meal service has commenced, the venue coordinator will depart for the evening and appoint a banquet captain to supervise the rest of the night. Banquet captains are commonly prepped on the venue-side of the event details. We commonly work with venue coordinators throughout the planning and on the day itself.

Wedding coordinators (also known as wedding planners) are hired by you, the bride and groom, and coordinate your event on behalf of you. We work for the bride and groom, which often can include finding your venue, recommending and booking vendors, negotiating discounts, reviewing contracts, tracking RSVPs and many more services. Typically wedding coordinators offer different packages, which allow you to select the level of involvement and assistance. Regardless of the package selected, leading up to the event a wedding coordinator is there working with all vendors, creating a detailed wedding day timeline and scheduling load-in and load-out with the venue. When it comes time for the wedding week itself, below is a list of what you can expect a Bridal Bliss  wedding planner to do.