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Wedding day emergency kit!

As a wedding planner, I am always trying to think ahead. I am trying to make sure I am always prepared for anything that may come my way on the wedding day. Whether it is a button that needs to be sewn back on, a wine stain on the groom’s shirt, or a bouquet that has fallen apart. I am always prepared to jump in and help.  We have done a ton of research to find out all of the things we could ever need to have the best wedding day emergency kit and we wanted to share that with you! Feel free to take this list to the store with you so you can have a disaster ready emergency kit for your wedding day as well!

Andrea Zajonic

Photo Credit: Andrea Zajonc Photography

  • Tissues: For all of those happy tears!
  • Hair Spray: Even the greatest hairstyles may need a touch up at some point in the evening.
  • Rollerball fragrance: A very subtle scent to make you smell incredible all day.
  • Dental Floss: Pretty self-explanatory!
  • Fabric Tape: This can be a life saver! We all know how hard it is to hide those crazy bra straps!
  •  Baby Powder: So great for absorbing extra moisture. Whether it is just a hot day or your nerves have gotten the best of you this can save the day.
  • Blotting Papers: Absorb shine and oil all day!
  • Stain Remover: We have used these so many times on a grooms collar after he has hugged so many people. Makeup on a white collar is not a great look.
  • Bobby Pins: These always come in handy!
  • Hairspray, brushes, and hair ties: We get asked for these multiple times throughout the evening and are always so grateful to have them on hand.
  • Breath mints: For a minty first kiss!
  • Face Mist: Cools you down and soothes your skin.
  • Chapstick: Yup, you need it!
  • Spray Deodorant: Reapplication is typically necessary on such a busy day!
  • Extra Earring Backs:  Just in case!
  • Eye Drops: Between the flowers, contacts, and all of the crying. Eye drops can be so necessary!
  • Floral Wire: This has come in handy when a centerpiece has come apart or we have needed to fix a corsage.
  • Some type of snack: Granola bars and trail mix can work wonders on a bride that forgot to eat lunch. Just a little something to last until we can get our hands on some tasty appetizers for her!
  • Lighter: Or 4, to assist with candle lighting or if some fabric starts to fray.
  • Lotion: Our skin can always use some hydration!
  • Medicine: Whether it is Tylenol, tums, or allergy medicine. You should have these things on hand at all times. Don’t forget something for bee stings!
  • Small First Aid Kit: Bandaids, burn cream, etc. can all come in handy.
  • Sewing Kit: Remember the missing button I mention above?
  • Phone Charger: Always nice to have a spare.
  • Makeup Remover: Makeup corrections are occasionally needed.
  • Razors: Someone may need this, you never know!
  • Sunscreen: Even if it is an indoor wedding, your wedding party might be outside a lot for photos.
  • Super Glue: Can fix all things!
  • White Chalk: If something gets on your wedding dress chalk can help cover the stain!
  • Tampons & Pads: Someone will need them.
  • Tweezers: Duh.

WHEW…. is there anything I forgot? It may seem like SO much but I am telling you if you need it you will be SO glad you have it!! Better safe then sorry when it comes to your wedding day!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Kayla McCaul, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer. She owns CK Events and Locally Sourced NW