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5 Often Overlooked Details!

While it’s way more exciting to focus on cakes and dresses and any number of  other things … make sure you also discuss these 5 less than glamorous details that can really affect your big day. They can sometimes get overlooked (or not be discussed early enough) and there is a good chance that they may not be included on that binder checklist!

Who’s taking out the garbage?

Seriously. This can be an issue. And the last thing you want is your mother or bridesmaid dragging trash out to the dumpster at the end of the night. Make sure you talk to your venue, caterer, and wedding coordinator about break down and clean up. What are you responsible for and what will be done by someone else? Often a full service caterer will handle most of the break down and clean up (or coordinate it with the venue staff) … but you need to ask and make sure! You don’t want to be stuck doing these tasks at the end of your wedding day.

How are my intoxicated guests getting home?

Guests love to drink at weddings. There are a few ways that you can try to control the amount of alcohol they consume. Many couples opt to offer just beer and wine (instead of a full bar). A cash bar is sometimes a smart idea as well. When guests are paying for their drinks, they tend to drink less then they would if it was free to them.

Definitely make sure there is plenty of food available, especially late night snacks of some sort. And coffee is a must! Wedding Planning Tip: Check with your venue to see if leaving a car overnight is an option (without any chance of getting a parking ticket or being towed). Intoxicated guests may choose to ride home with someone else and pick up their car the next day. You could also provide a shuttle to and from hotels where guests are staying and/or have taxi cab, Uber, and Lyft information readily available.

Why do I need to care about chairs?

Nobody cares about chairs. Until they care about chairs! When a venue says that chairs are included…ask to see them in advance. Wedding Planning Tip: You want to make sure the chairs provided for both the ceremony and dinner are up to your standards and in line with your vision. If not, you may have to spend extra money to upgrade to different chairs or get fancy covers for the ones provided. This is not something people usually think about ahead of time or plan for in their budget. Now you are in the know. Ask about the chairs early on, so there are no surprises later!

What is the rain plan?

This is Oregon. Wedding Planning Tip: Whether your wedding date is in March or August (or anywhere in between) you need to have a rain plan just in case. Very important thing to discuss with your venue! They will be able to go over all the options with you (which may include renting tents if necessary). Again, this is something that you might not have thought about when budgeting for your big day. Better to know all of the options and costs up front … in case Mother Nature decides to throw you a curve ball.

You should also talk to your wedding coordinator and photographer about some cute ideas that you can have on hand if indeed it decides to sprinkle on your wedding day. Sometimes incorporating colorful umbrellas, for instance, can make your wedding day (and photos) that much more memorable.

What happens to the flowers?

We have some amazing wedding floral designers in town! If you pick a local professional in this department you will no doubt have a ton of gorgeous blooms at your wedding. Unfortunately, many people throw them away after the wedding. Seems sad to only get to enjoy all those beautiful flowers for just that one day! Some couples ask their guests to take home centerpieces at the end of the night. This is a win-win for everyone! Given the vases belong to you and do not have to be returned to your florist.

Wedding Planning Tip: There are also some companies that will pick up your flowers at the end of your wedding day and deliver them the next morning (after they have been rearranged) to local hospitals or nursing homes…to brighten the day for someone that could use a little burst of color and joy.  Locally, you can check out The Bloom Project.  And be sure to chat with your floral professional about other options and ideas!

Good luck with your wedding planning!

Images featured in this post by Andrea Zajonc Photography.