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Wedding Show Tips!

For couples planning their wedding, attending a wedding show can be a great way to find lots of inspiration and awesome local vendors.  While wedding shows can be a ton of fun, they can also be a bit stressful. To help make the most of your experience, we have put together a few tips.

Create an email account just for YOUR wedding

A wedding email address will help you keep all of your wedding planning information together and it will keep your main email account clutter free. Also, once the wedding is over, you can close the account.

Make labels with contact info for THe Wedding show

Every vendor is going to want your contact information. Save time and hand cramps by pre-printing labels with your name, contact info. (i.e. your wedding email address), and your wedding date if you know it.

Come prepared with comfy shoes and a full stomach

Be sure to eat breakfast and dress comfortably. While wedding shows are a lot of fun, they are also a good test of your endurance. Eat a good breakfast and wear good shoes. Most shows take place at venues with concrete floors and those can make for some aching feet.

Take notes and pics AT THE WEDDING SHOW

There are going to be tons of inspiring vendors and decor ideas.  Don’t rely on your memory alone, take pics and notes to refer back to.

Bring your “A Team” Only

As you have probably already encountered, everyone has an opinion when it comes to your wedding. Save yourself some stress and invite only the folks whose opinions actually matter. P.S. This is also true when it comes to wedding dress shopping!

Make a Plan

If it’s available, scope out the wedding show vendor list ahead of time. Also take note of any scheduled activities like fashion shows. Do some vendor research ahead of time, and make a plan of which booths and activities you want to visit.

Follow up with your favorite vendors FROM THE WEDDING SHOW

Hopefully you will find a few vendors you are interested in. Because vendors use wedding shows to fill their calendars, popular dates can go quickly. Be sure to follow up with the vendors you are interested in ASAP to be sure your date doesn’t get booked.

Have fun!

It is our sincerest hope that you are able to have fun with every step of wedding planning.  Wedding shows are very exciting, and who doesn’t love free cake samples! Grab your VIP’s and go have fun! We are officially in wedding show season. To find a list of local shows, visit our Show Calendar.

Photo Credit: Jessica Hill Photography