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Questions to ask before you book your venue

Finding your wedding venue is such an important step in the wedding planning process. Once you have your wedding venue, you lock in your date. And then everything becomes oh so real!Your choice in venue dictates a lot about your wedding day and the cost of the wedding venue has a huge impact on your budget. While we always recommend hiring a coordinator first, so you have professional guidance in making such a huge decision, we have assembled a list of questions to help you in the process.  Take this list along on your next wedding venue tour. And remember, always have your coordinator review your contract before you sign it.

Oregon Golf Club

Questions to ask when searching for your dream wedding venue

1. Am I able to choose my own vendors, or do you have a preferred list of vendors I need to choose from. If you have a preferred list, are there fees associated with choosing vendors that are NOT on the list?

2. Am I able to bring in my own food or desserts or do I need to use a licensed caterer?

3. What items are included in the rental price? (Chairs, tables, linens, etc)

4. Are there set up or room flip fees?

5. Are there limits to the alcohol we can consume?(Some venue’s only allow beer and wine)

6. Are there music restrictions? (Some noise laws require music to be off at 10pm)

7. How many hours is the rental for? Does that include set up and clean up time? How much is it to add on additional hours?

8. What is the parking situation for guests?

9. Are there areas for the bridal party to get ready?

10. Do you require clients to provide additional liability insurance?

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11. What is your refund policy should the wedding get cancelled or should you the venue not to be able to hold my wedding?

12. How can I get the rental price reduced? (venues often offer lower rates for week day or off season rentals)

13. What decor limitations/rules are there? (Can things be hung, taped, etc)

14. How many guests can this venue COMFORTABLY fit? Is that for a sit down reception or cocktail style reception? Ask to see a sample floor plan with your number of guests. Does that work with your vision?

15. Do you have public wifi access? (this is important for DJ’s)

16. For those of you who are booking a venue in a state with a sales tax, ask the venue coordinator what services/goods will be taxed. Clarify what the tax rate is.

17. Ask the venue coordinator what their role is? Do they decorate the space for you?

18. If this is an outside venue, ask what the rain/bad weather plan is? Does that work for your estimated guest count? What additional charges does that entail? (Cost of tent rentals etc)  Ask to see an example rain plan floor plan with your estimated guest count.

Hope this helps guide you as you visit venues and decide on the right one for you!

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