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Weekday Wedding: Why Thursday is the New Saturday

Have you considered a weekday wedding? When we think of a wedding, we automatically associate the term with a Saturday. But should we? In today’s blog post, Kristen Baxter from Abbey Road Farm (see their vendor shout out here!) gives us some compelling reasons to reconsider tradition and opt for a weekday wedding.

Venues are less likely to be booked

A lot of venues book weddings 12-18 months out, sometimes longer and Saturdays are the first to go. There is a maximum of 52 Saturdays in a year. For some who cannot accommodate indoor weddings that number decreases significantly, especially in a city like Portland. To give that some perspective, according to Oregon.gov in 2018, 26,501 couples got married in the state of Oregon. That is a lot of Saturdays!

This holds true for those must-have wedding professionals as well. Planners, photographers, florists, cake makers, and DJs, the good ones, typically book Saturdays first. So, to ensure you get the dream team of vendors on your side for the big day, book early or consider hosting your wedding on a weekday.

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Weekdays allow you and your guests to save money

Most venues have weekday versus weekend rates that can often be large cost savings. Same with vendors! Many wedding vendors want to encourage mid-week events so rates may be less, delivery charges may be lower and/or have more flexibility, etc. For your guests, typically airfare and hotel stays are less expensive during non-weekend trips.

A weekday wedding is a great excuse for a long weekend

If you are inviting a lot of guests who will be traveling and taking time off work, a Thursday wedding is a great option. Out of town guests can be busy with wedding activities during the week and then stay a couple of extra days through the weekend to be tourists! Weekday weddings also allow more time with guests if you are not leaving for your Honeymoon until Saturday or Sunday.

You can pick a wedding date that is more personalized

These days, we see more couples plan their weddings to go outside the box and really represent their personality and relationship. Sure, there are those that book their wedding date based on venue availability to get those peak weekend days. But what if you didn’t? What if April 1 was your first date or when you made it official, but it falls on a Thursday this year? Give that day more meaning! And you’ll thank me later with fewer dates to remember!

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If you do decide to book a weekday wedding, there are a few things to keep in mind. Your RSVP’s may be lower than a weekend wedding. Is that all bad? Maybe this should be another plus? The people who want to be there will make it! This could end up saving you money in the long run as well by having fewer guests eating and drinking.

Extra communication may also be needed. You will want to send those save the dates and official invites a bit earlier as friends and family will most certainly need to be taking time off work to help you celebrate. You may also want to check with your VIP’s to make sure they can make it before locking anything in.

Don’t expect your reception to go late. Again, this may be a plus for some! For those local folks who might be joining you, having to work the next day could make for an early evening. But, does anything good ever happen after 10 pm anyway?

In the end, having flexibility and considering a weekday wedding can make your special day more meaningful and, potentially save you money.

This expert post was written and submitted by Kristen Baxter of Abbey Road Farm. 

Featured image in the post was taken by Sweetlife Photography