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Why You Should Hire a Professional DJ

Planning a wedding can get expensive, so it’s no wonder that many couples try to cut corners wherever they can. A lot of times, this means that they enlist a friend to oversee something important for the big day. This can be helpful in many cases, but one area where we strongly recommend hiring a professional is when it comes to the DJ. A professional DJ is well worth the splurge for multiple reasons! We asked a local wedding coordinator, Yelena King from The Reserve Vineyards and Golf Club, for the scoop on wedding DJ’s. Read on for her insights as to why it’s best to go with a professional rather than a friend.

Logistics of the Day

DJ’s do a lot more than control the music – they also make announcements, introduce the wedding party, call out dinner tables, and other important things. Yelena says: “DJ’s control the flow of the evening. As you move from one formality to the next, having someone experienced on the microphone letting your guests know what’s happening is well worth the money. It’s like having another person on the coordination team!” Also, when making announcements, it’s better to have someone who is comfortable speaking into the microphone. A friend who has never done a wedding before might not sound as confident, whereas DJ’s have animated voices that demand to be heard, and get everyone excited and paying attention!

Photo Credit: Aniko Productions      DJ: Event Team Entertainment

Familiarity Reading the Crowd

Professional DJ’s have plenty of wedding experience – they know how to read the crowd! Yelena says, “Anyone can set up a playlist and press play, but a certain song at a certain time may not be right for your guests when it comes on. A DJ will know what songs are appropriate to get the crowd up and moving, and what songs are good for background noise. Plus, they have a huge selection of music!”


Hiring a professional DJ will guarantee that they come with professional, quality equipment! Yelena says, “We’ve had friends’ speakers and microphones fail during the ceremony, and that’s not a day that you get to do over again. With a professional, the equipment is up to standard, and they have contingency plans if it doesn’t work. And if something does happen, you get insurance with a professional that you most likely won’t get with a friend.”

Bottom line: a professional DJ will help your wedding day run much more smoothly and enhance the vibe that you want to set! So unless your friend is actually a wedding DJ, it’s best to go with a professional. Here are some amazing DJ’s in town!

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This Tips & Advice piece was submitted by Dana Barbar, a trusted local wedding professional and talented writer.