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Pressure Point has been the Portland/Seattle area’s most asked for cover band over the past 15 years! Pressure Point is also first call for most of the venues and event coordinators in Central Oregon.

The band’s repertoire is unmatched in terms of versatility and polish. The Pressure Point Band covers music spanning seven decades, satisfying musical tastes from nearly all age groups. With the Pressure Point Band you get the experience of talented veteran performers who combine professionalism, enthusiasm with a high level of musicality, to create an atmosphere of fun and excitement that will make your function an event to remember! The band boasts the talents of Oregon Music Hall of Fame inductee, Marilyn Keller!  The better musicians in Portland view Pressure Point as the cream on the wedding and private party scene! The fact that so many event coordinators, venues, private club management hire and recommend Pressure Point for their own events and valued clients, speaks volumes about the work that Pressure Point has done in the past and continues to do. Pressure Point plays all of our music live and doesn’t rely on any pre recorded tracks as do some of our competitors (see Design Band, Hit Machine). Pressure Point is built around several lead vocalists so no one voice dominates the performance. We are blessed with a wealth of vocal riches that none of our competition can really match. Another important point is that the core of our band has been together for nearly 18 years. This continuity differs dramatically from “bands” from Blue Wave where musicians may actually be meeting for the first time with very mixed results. Based on first hand accounts from musicians that I know who have performed with these “throw together” units, the results have gone from great to disaster. Why roll the dice with your event?

Here is a recent endorsement from an event professional located in Central Oregon. This is typical but we never tire of hearing it!


” Mike Winkle and Pressure Point are our first call when a client wants a live band. We love the wide range of music that Pressure Point can provide, and we especially love how they can work the crowd! Weddings, Corporate clients, and Non-profit galas in Central Oregon have all been wowed by Pressure Point, and we will be inviting them back as often as possible!”

Sara Goodrich, Owner

Mint Event Coordination & Design, LLC

The band can provide you with cocktail and ceremony music in a variety of configurations and as part of a package, becomes quite affordable. We can also provide you with a host of ancillary services that when compared to your venue or local specialty companies, will in most cases save you money. Some examples are as follows:

Auxiliary sound system(s)

Wireless mics (lapel, hand held)

Break DJ

Emcee announcements

Cocktail music (live)

Ceremony music (live)

1st dance instruction (choreography)

Additional lighting

Learn first dance free of charge

Beat Mixing After Party DJ

Phone Number
(503) 234-2492
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