Briana Morrison Photography

From the uncontainable smile you share with your love, to your final wave from the window of your getaway car, your wedding day is a one-of-a-kind and it’s always over too soon.
That’s where I come in. I am your curly haired camera-wielding sidekick, and am here to capture all the romantic, goofy, precious, and indescribable moments of your day.
Understanding that every couple is unique, I offer custom packages and a range of services so that I can be there for you in exactly the way you need.
My unique formula of candid + creative portraiture, artistic mix of digital + film photography, and my natural balance of intimate + silly will bring to life a collection of images that will tell the story of your day with a creative twist.
My Promise to you:
Less Stress + More Fun!
You want to have a worry-free & super fun wedding day and I’m here to serve you in a way that will help make that happen. This is what I promise:
  • I will help you build a perfect timeline for your day that will focus on YOUR priorities.
  • Communication is key! I am always available to answer your questions or help with advice.
  • I will coordinate with your other vendors to make sure we are all on the same page.
  • Your needs are my needs! On your wedding day I will not only capture a thorough documentation of your day but will also give gentle reminders about what’s happening next, make sure logistics are taken care of, chauffeur you in my happy little Subaru, and generally make sure your needs are met so you feel more excitement and less worry on your wedding day.
  • Before your wedding I will provide you tips & tricks to help you plan.
  • I will use my 11+ years of experience as a wedding photographer to help you plan for the perfect day!
Phone Number
(530) 570-5739
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