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ChefStable is the name behind many of your favorite restaurants in town–St. Jack, Lardo, Oven & Shaker, La Moule and the list goes on.
ChefStable Catering exists to create and serve food on par with the Portland restaurant scene at your catered events.
We’re a team of food and event experts who stay ahead of trends, set styles and embrace the never been done.
In addition to our in-house team, our partnerships with local chefs and restaurants give us the unique ability to create and curate the food items you love from some of your favorite Portland restaurants and serve them in conjunction with our own unique dishes. Intimate plated dinners for 20, buffets for 300 or anything in between, if you’re yearning for that quintessential Portland food experience on your wedding day, look no further.
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(503) 238-8889
Chefstable Catering - Buffet -00247.jpg 4 years ago
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