Country Garden Tables, LLC

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Our beautiful custom made Country Garden Tables are the perfect touch for weddings, holidays, or any special event. Create an elegant family style atmosphere with our tables in your back yard,  a winery or basically anywhere!
We also have a sweethearts table available to complement the larger tables.
Tables are available for rent or purchase.
Our mobile bars are stunning, easy to set up &  use and an excellent addition to your event.
We are honored to be a part of your special day!
Phone Number
(360) 977-0879
The-Water-Oasis PNW-wedding-photographer Corina-Silva-Photography-96 (2) (1280x853).jpg 2 years ago
Black Pearl Show.jpeg 2 years ago
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gather-and-feast-farm-wedding-washington-196 (2) (1280x853).jpg 2 years ago
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