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One of the most coveted locations in downtown Portland, Dossier is the leading edge of thoughtfulness, elegance, and grace. A place where the enduring comforts of refined hospitality are elevated to something delightfully modern and altogether new. From the staff that discreetly serves you, to the bed you’ll sleep soundly upon, every experience here is designed to be surprising, rewarding, and memorable.

Our 205 guest rooms, including 17 suites, give you the sublime rest you and your guests need to take advantage of all that Portland has to offer; while your guests are here for y our big day! A perfect location downtown just two blocks from MAX Light Rail Line, and 12 miles from Portland International Airport (PDX). Within a short walking distance, you’ll find many celebrated attractions, such as; the Portland Art Museum, Farmers Market, Portland’s famous food Carts, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, and Powell’s City of Books

Planning a wedding is a busy time, our dedicated staff is delighted to help you find the best package that fits your needs. We are confident that the Dossier can provide a welcoming, collaborate atmosphere and the presence you’re looking for to pamper your wedding guests!

Phone Number
(503) 402-8746
Dossier Loft Suite Bedroom View.jpg 2 weeks ago
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