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Celebrate your love with friends, family, fantastic food, and exceptional service.

With seasonal specialty dishes and the plethora of unique recipes we have developed over 40 years, Elephants Catering is sure to delight your senses.

Planning your wedding day is a deeply personal experience. Every detail is of the utmost importance – from coordinating linens with centerpieces to the placement of hand-crafted wedding mementos. This is especially true when devising a menu you and your guests will love.

Whether intimate or grand, Elephants Catering & Events has dedicated wedding specialists to help you plan this most cherished of celebrations. Our wedding specialists will sit with you and go step by step through all the little details that create a truly unforgettable wedding.

We understand that the details of a wedding stretch beyond the menu. We also recognize that pulling together all the details – from the engagement party to the honeymoon suite – is quite a feat. Elephants takes pride in working with the best Portland wedding vendors.

Elephants Delicatessen has long been a leader in sustainable business practices and is proud to be a certified B Corporation.

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(503) 937-1099
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