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ENSO is an urban winery that hand crafts authentic old-world style wines that express both the moment they were created…as well as the moment they’re enjoyed.

Many great ventures begin in garages…ours certainly did! But they seldom stay there forever. In our case, our big “garage” in the Buckman neighborhood is our forever home. Welcome to ENSO winery located at 1416 SE Stark Street. We opened our doors Memorial Day weekend of 2011 and now we’re open seven days a week!

When we began this venture called ENSO, we decided that it made the most sense to keep things small, efficient and manageable. That way, we could create fantastic wines at lower costs and give more attention to each small lot. Even as we grow, we keep our vision in mind. We keep things as small-scale as possible: Human-sized stainless steel tanks, small fermentation bins, and no-bigger-than-we-need crush equipment. This allows us to experiment, to care for each batch separately, and to create complexity in our small space.

We have chosen to source grapes from the finest vineyards up and down the west coast. Three states. All states that we have lived in. And all states that we love. Our grapes come from Washington, California, and Oregon – and we absolutely love each vineyard that we work with.

At ENSO, in addition to our wines, we keep a rotating tap of other Portland-made wines and local beers. There is plenty to taste and try in our Tasting Lounge. We have Aperitivo (aka Happy Hour) from 4-6 pm Monday-Friday where we offer all of our drinks and combo boards at a dollar off. So enjoy

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(503) 683-3676
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