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Domaine deBroglie (pronounced “de broy”) is a gorgeous vineyard set atop the scenic Dundee Hills in the Willamette Valley overlooking 42 acres of vineyards and mature trees, providing shade and a lovely wooded backdrop for your guests, with a stunning view. Our sunsets are simply amazing!  With highly praised wine, philanthropic spirit and outstanding views, this will definitely be a night to remember.  You will dine “in the vines” on the patio whilst enjoying a breathtaking sunset.

Domaine deBroglie is nestled between Domaine Serene to the East and stunning Valley views to the West, just 35 miles southwest of Portland.  Our vines occupy some of the most sought after terrain in the region.  The resident Jory soil is brick-red in color and dense with nutrients.  It’s exceptional draining capacity is ideal for the area’s many wet months.  The vineyard ranging 680-860’ in elevation produces Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris and Chardonnay.

Upon arriving at the vineyard, you’ll see the pond reflecting the trees above and our 42 acres of vineyards that surrounds the tasting room.  Upon entering the tasting room, you will be drawn to the large windows showcasing the amazing views of the vines, rolling hills and mature forest that surround our location.  On the entry level, you and your guests will enjoy estate grown wines and the amazing view in the Salon featuring beautiful high ceilings, hardwood floors and a stone fireplace.  Guests may also step outside onto the upper deck for bistro seating.  Upon heading downstairs, you enter our Cellar, where we showcase a 1954 Citreon from Francis’ first written film, “Is Paris Burning”.

The Cellar stays around 68-72 degrees year round, allowing guests a nice place to cool off in the summer months, and a limited capacity dinner seating option in case of rain.  Just outside the double doors of the Cellar, the outdoor dance floor is framed by a second stone fireplace, always stocked with wood for your event, and a string of bistro style patio lights.  The two outdoor dining patios are surrounded by mature vines growing around both the upper and lower levels.  Our ceremony lawn, surrounded by mature trees and partially shaded has views of the vines and the rolling hills beyond for a truly picturesque and memorable wedding day.  The sun sets just over the vines and the trees for a sunset you will never forget, and one that your photographer will love capturing.

What you’ll find as a client at Domaine De Broglie; Our venue rental price is reflective of the quality and standards we emphasize at all of our events, and include a lot more than the standard rental contract you’ll find at most other venues. Including our Inclusive Wedding Coordinator, and our knowledgeable bar staff with on-site bar management, our skilled team members add a lot of value to our clients. It saves time, money and stress for our clients by eliminating the need to add these services by an outside vendor to their budget.

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