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Very special couples have chosen the Heceta Lighthouse B&B as their wedding destination and we are happy that you are considering us for your special day. The 123-year-old Lighthouse and Keeper’s Home offer amazing views of the Oregon Coast and at the same time it is a home where family and friends can feel comfortable and relaxed. Although every couple has been lured to Heceta Head for these reasons, each wedding we have experienced has been unique.  We appreciate each family’s diversity and look forward to joining in your celebration!

We have created our wedding packages to fit the needs of couples who would like to arrive on the day of their wedding and have all their planning completed for them.  Wedding packages are available for groups up to 30 people and offered year round.  Packages can be customized for any group size and need. A catered reception can also be added to these packages.

Weddings of 31-150 people can be accommodated in a tent in the fenced 1 acre yard west of the Keeper’s home from May through October.  The price of these weddings at Heceta Lighthouse B&B will vary depending on the date of the wedding, the type of wedding you choose, and the number of guests attending.

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(866) 547-3696
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