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We are a historical high end four star boutique hotel located in the Stadium/Goose Hollow District in downtown Portland. Built in 1912, our hotel’s interior showcases a gorgeous history of art deco decor and vintage Hollywood inspiration. Our timeless elegance and sophistication is the perfect Portland wedding venue for your big moment in the spotlight.

Our location in SW puts you and your guests within walking distance to many of Portland’s best neighborhoods such as the Pearl District, Pioneer Square, NW 23rd, Forest Park, and Washington Park. Where else can you be shopping and dining one moment and the next be walking through quiet and serene nature? With 130 rooms, award winning food and beverage, and exceptional service staff, you will feel completely relaxed and taken care of during your entire stay.

Our  wedding experts are happy to help you plan a legendary reception worthy of this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Or gather your loved ones to celebrate with a post wedding morning brunch, rehearsal dinner, or bridal shower tea. The possibilities are endless!

Ask about our engagement promotions and wedding packages for 2019.

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(503) 219-2093
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