Langdon Farms Golf Club

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Whether you are drawn by the charm of a barn wedding, or captivated by the emerald golf greens and vibrant flowers, Langdon Farms offers premiere wedding venues unlike any other in Portland and we’re just 15 miles south of downtown.

Our beautiful wedding venues provide couples and guests with a breathtaking place for their nuptials.  From the Red Shed ceremony lawn, where couples can share their first married kiss surrounded by vibrant flowers, to the Red Shed, a flexible reception venue that can either feel outside under cover in the warmer months or act as a cozy and romantic venue in the winter. The White House completes our wedding venues with its spacious farm house feel where brides and grooms-to-be finish their final touches in comfort, and take in the amazing view from the back porch.

Langdon Farms goes above and beyond to happily provide all of these things in a genuine, professional, yet relaxed manner that will make for the most memorable wedding a couple can imagine.

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(503) 678-4653
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