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Life is marked by a series of occasions. I believe each juncture deserves to be honored and celebrated! From birth, to our final passing, each event marks its own unique life transition.

I love performing weddings! I enjoy integrating a couple’s love story into a touching, and often light-hearted ceremony that brings to light who they are as individuals and who they are as a couple. And, I believe in everyone’s right to marry.

I also have a passion for telling one’s life story. I hold a profound belief that every life deserves to be honored and celebrated. I am truly honored when asked to create a distinct celebration for those who have made a profound impact on our lives and in the community. 

My background is wide and varied. After working in news radio, sports marketing and events management, I began working in the health care field, (home health, hospice, organ donation) where I was for nearly 25 years. I have gained a deep sense of compassion, respect and caring for those who are dealing with grief, loss and end of life issues fueling my passion for telling one’s life stories through personalized celebrations of life.

In addition to being a Certified Life Cycle Celebrant®, I enjoy writing and inspiring others. I am a published author, an inspirational speaker, and am trained in the Life Purpose Process®.

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(503) 310-7832
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