The Benson

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Explore all Portland has to offer from one of the city’s most treasured historic landmarks. Founded in 1913, The Benson features elegant European design with a host of modern amenities. See why U.S. Presidents and CEOs have made our Portland hotel their home away from home for a hundred years.

Our superb location puts you within walking distance to all of the shopping, dining, and entertainment of the Pearl District, Pioneer Square, and downtown. Famous boutiques, bookstores, breweries, and performing arts are just steps away.

While retaining their luxurious Continental feel, our rooms were refreshed in 2018 to capture the perfect blend of aesthetics and comfort.

Our exceptionally friendly, service-oriented staff is one of the reasons you’ll find so many five-star reviews on our property. Contact us today to schedule your site tour!

Phone Number
(503) 219-6712
Joe and Amber -1162-4mp.jpg 1 year ago
Evening Photos-staircase - 4 MP .jpg 1 year ago
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