The Evergreen


The Evergreen’s design followed a simple prime directive: reveal and celebrate the original architecture of the space. We removed the drop down ceilings to expose the full height of the ballroom and the original circular windows near the roof line, revealed the brick walls, sand blasted the cement post and beams, and refurbished the original 1908 maple dance floor. On the perimeter of the dance floor we installed large concrete tiles which introduces a touch of modern to the space, but only with the intention of emphasizing the original craftsmanship. We tiled all of the bathrooms from floor to ceiling. All of our tile work was done in partnership with Design and Direct Source and their fearless leader Ann Sacks. Our bar features a custom poured bartop from Portland artisan Eric Butler. The only architectural additions we made to the space are the two massive sky-lights which bring delightfully grand lighting to the space both during the day and at night. The staircases, wood flooring, bannisters and bar were all built by local craftsmen with the intention to pay homage to the Arts and Crafts architecture of the original space. To the extent possible, only local products and craftsmen were used on this project.

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