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NW Walnut Tables
Cocktail Hour
Modern Lounge Furniture
Double Sided Lightbox
Modern Lounge Furniture
Black & White Lounge
Vintage Loveseat
Monochrome Light Pre-Styled Lounge
Industrial Lounge
White Lacquer Reception Table
White Lacquer Reception Table
Marble Top Bistro/Cocktail Table
Vintage Loveseat
Vintage Circular Couch
Vintage Bordeaux Loveseat
Desert Blush Pre-Styled Lounge

Vintage Meets Modern is a boutique events rental business based in Portland, OR. We have a collection of carefully curated and custom made furniture and decor with the sole purpose of elevating our clients’ brand and style.

We have a no-linens policy, so our dining tables and bar tables come with gorgeous walnut wood, marble and white lacquer tops; the beauty is in the tables themselves, no need for linens.

We also carry modern and vintage inspired lounge seating to help create that homey mingling spot for your guests all while wowing them with your incredible sense of style. In addition to weddings we also cater to photo shoots, brand environments and other corporate events.

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(503) 432-3993
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Modern Lounge Furniture 5 months ago
Vintage Loveseat 5 months ago
Vintage Circular Couch 5 months ago
Vintage Bordeaux Loveseat 5 months ago
Desert Blush Pre-Styled Lounge 5 months ago
Monochrome Light Pre-Styled Lounge 5 months ago
Black & White Lounge 5 months ago
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Marble Top Bistro/Cocktail Table 5 months ago
Cocktail Hour 5 months ago
Modern Lounge Furniture 5 months ago
NW Walnut Tables 5 months ago
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Double Sided Lightbox 11 months ago
Vintage Loveseat 11 months ago
Industrial Lounge 11 months ago
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