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I LOVE stories.  I love hearing & telling them and I LOVE marrying lovers – it’s my most favorite thing to do!

Here at Melissa Coe Ceremonies, you won’t find cookie-cutter, boring, redundant, copied-off-the-internet wedding ceremonies and you certainly won’t find predictable!

What you will find is a refreshing, personal and customized approach designed to make your wedding ceremony the BEST one you and your guests have ever attended!  Each ceremony is created to be as unique as you and your love story:  personal, meaningful, entertaining, fun and profound.  No two ceremonies are ever the same.

So, let’s get started on creating memories which everyone will talk about for years to come!  I absolutely cannot wait to tell your story!

MELISSA COE, OREGON WEDDING CELEBRANT & OFFICIANT  “Celebrating love, one couple at a time…”


Certified Master Life-Cycle Celebrant©

WA, OR & ID Celebrant Chapter CIO

Wedding Wire Couples Choice Award

OR Bride Magazine Best Officiant Award



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(503) 803-2385
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